QUIZ: Find out what hotelier you are

Complete the test to find out what kind of hotelier you are and which ones are the most suitable strategies for your business.
You will receive the result and our advice by email based on your profile

1) Do you know the name of all your employees?

2) Which of these platforms does not qualify as an OTA?

3) How much do you invest on average in web marketing per month?

4) Which of these KPIs do you use to monitor the health of your hotel?

5) If the phone rang and simultaneously there was a customer at reception desk, which one would have priority in your opinion?

6) How often are suppliers checked?

7) How often do you carry out inventory in the hotel?

8) Do you provide training for staff?

9) Do you have an RSPP representative?

10) Do you make a budget before the start of the year/season?

11) If yes, is it shared with the heads of service?

12) Are you active on social channels?

13) If yes, how often are they updated?

14) What is your relationship with your employees?

15) Do you trust delegation in your hotel?

16) Do you respond to web reviews about your facility?

17) How do you deal with requests to cancel a room outside the policy time limits?

18) Do you have a static rate plan (fixed price list based on high, medium or low season) or a dynamic one (it varies from day to day)?

19) Who takes care of reservations at the hotel?

20) If the receptionist communicates the rates to the customer, does he/she get a discount margin?

Get your results, our personalized advice for you and find out how we can help you! Are the strategies that best suit your business.
You will receive the result and our advice by email based on your profile

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