Our Philosophy

Smart Consulting is born, a new concept of hotel consulting and training with a dynamic and modern approach that puts people first and not software. In fact, we do not believe in universal algorithms that can be indiscriminately adapted to every reality, but we put the human value and the identity of every single structure at the center of our work. Our tailor-made solutions look to the future, without distorting the basic principles of Made in Italy hospitality. Thanks to our personalized services, concrete tools and motivated staff, finally the consultancy is for everyone.

2 Hospitality Solutions ...what does it mean?

We are 2 young co-founders, both originally from one of the most prestigious Italian tourist destinations, Como and its lake, both with a consolidated background in hospitality management and with particular expertise in the luxury segment.

The second reason is our dual offer of solutions for hospitality facilities: 360° hotel consulting and on-the-job training for staff and entrepreneurs who want to know or learn more about hotel dynamics, such as strategic planning, revenue management and KPI analysis.

After numerous experiences in different Italian regions and different tourism contexts, and driven by the passion and constant desire to grow the companies with which we have collaborated, we realized how important it is to support hotel entrepreneurs, providing them with concrete tools and constant training and motivation of all staff.

2HS vision e mission