The new dynamic and modern concept of hotel consulting and training. 

Gino, struggling with the management of his hotel, finds himself facing increasing challenges and difficulties.

How much does he really know about hotels? Does he know about consulting and training opportunities?

Will he find a solution? Find out in the video "A Story of Italian Hospitality..."

Our services

Scopri i nostri principali servizi offerti, senza dimenticare che è possibile creare pacchetti ad hoc e personalizzati per ogni necessità. Click sull’icona per maggiori dettagli.



We focus on the analysis of the distinctive features of your structure, identifying its strengths, weaknesses and determining characteristics. Thanks to the overall study of the structure and its history, we develop a marketing strategy with realistic objectives to be achieved, controllable and verifiable, and identify the commercial tools necessary to achieve them. The definition of an economically and qualitatively sustainable growth strategy will allow you to optimize your efforts while saving time and energy and, in addition to differentiating your hotel from other competitors, will allow you to reach interesting contacts and turn them into customers.


After a comprehensive anamnesis of your hotel, we evaluate together with you the objectives of your activity and develop an optimal marketing plan for your business.



We all know that the same hotel room can be sold at different prices, depending on the type of request. We also know that a hotelier must sustain a series of fixed costs that remain unchanged regardless of the number of rooms occupied and the price at which they are sold. It is therefore essential to optimize revenue by implementing the right revenue management strategy. For this reason we study the market and collect historical data for forecasting and monitoring purposes. We identify and adopt the most effective pricing strategy for your structure, optimizing your distribution channels and disintermediation. We identify the key factors for the achievement of revenue and market share objectives, evaluating the effectiveness of the applied strategies. We monitor competitors' rates and develop the value concept on which to base the competition strategy. We provide guidelines to the Front Office, Booking and Events departments regarding the management of individual and group rates.


We help you create a dynamic pricing plan and implement strategic distribution across sales channels, to achieve consistent growth in occupancy and revenue.



We give online visibility to your hotel by developing customized and results-oriented websites, based on your needs. Every detail is custom tailored to ensure you get the best results for your business goals. We promote your property to thousands of potential guests looking for your services. Expanding your audience, generating leads and growing your brand using Facebook, Instagram and SEO techniques are considered among the most profitable investments.


We develop tailor-made websites, we increase their visibility on search engines and we promote your brand on the web to achieve the best results.



We supervise the day-to-day activities of your hotel to ensure customer satisfaction and implement them to ensure you get a great ROI and always live up to your customers' expectations. From creating a work schedule, hiring new employees and training staff, to managing public relations, overseeing sales and controlling finances, we help you run your hotel smoothly.


We follow the operation of your hotel step by step, and develop appropriate service standards, to improve customer care and satisfaction, and revenue from core and ancillary services.


We offer our know-how to all companies that identify training as an indispensable factor for their growth and wish to engage in targeted interventions. Training has multiple purposes: to allow your employees to acquire the right skills to cope with everyday activities, in many cases in fact a mismanagement of operations is blamed on employees, but in reality it is the result of a lack of adequate training for them. In addition to improving the performance of your team, targeted training will allow you to build employee loyalty by making them feel valued and part of a project. A company that invests in training is always preferred by an employee. Furthermore, our goal is to train professionals who will allow you, in case of a reduced budget, to cover different roles, instead of forcing you to hire more expensive managerial figures. The courses will be tailored specifically to your needs and will be delivered in-house or online.


We train your staff by sharing our experience and know-how, and we offer managerial and operational courses to improve performance and develop professional figures.


Check out our other services such as branding, preopening, budgeting, and those dedicated to staff selection and evaluation.

Happiness is not found by owning money; it is found in the joy of success, in the thrill of creative effort.

F. D. Roosvelt

Our passion for the world of hospitality has allowed us over the years to interact with hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector, and to carry out various projects with them.




Consolidated and multi-year experience in hospitality management, in different departments, territorial contexts and hotel categories, with particular expertise in the luxury segment.

Approccio dinamico e moderno

Identity value

Dynamic and modern approach: we put people, human value and the identity of each single structure first, not the software.

Metodo e motivazione

Methodology and Motivation

Concrete tools, quantifiable and replicable work methodology, constant training and motivation of all staff.

Contenimento Costi

Costs reduction

High margin of cost containment, with the possibility to start a commission-based collaboration plan and zero fixed costs.

Servizi su misura e personalizzabili in base alle singole esigenze.

Customized services

Tailored and customizable services based on every individual needs.

Meet our team

Founder & Hotel Business Expert
Owner and creator of 2HS, he has experience as a General Manager at 3-, 4- and 5-star properties, where he drove revenue increases of up to 30 percent.
Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist
Co-founder of 2HS, she has a profitable experience in the hotel industry, where she distinguished herself for her analytical and organizational skills.
web & restaurant
Giuseppe & Cristian
Web Specialist - Food&Beverage
Chief Happines Officer
He brings calm and inspiration at the same time, he loves to purr and perch on keyboards to remind everyone that it's time for a break. His presence reduces the stress of daily work.


What people say about us

food & beverage
{Ho collaborato con Stefano ed Eleonora in diverse strutture. Molto devoto al lavoro, ottimo team leader e team builder, Stefano ha sempre dedicato grande cura a guest relation e customer satisfaction ed è sempre stato in prima linea nell’affrontare e risolvere qualsiasi problema della struttura. La collaborazione con Eleonora mi ha permesso di imparare molto di un settore che non conoscevo (sales, revenue e reservation), grazie alla comunicazione efficace, all’organizzazione e al rispetto dei ruoli reciproci. Due professionisti che amano le sfide e riescono a trarre il meglio anche da situazioni talvolta problematiche.{
Giuseppe Amodio
Restaurant Manager / Food&Beverage Manager
Castello di Velona, Relais Mont Blanc

Stefano è stato un ottimo collaboratore, qualificato e competente. Ha saputo gestire con professionalità il suo ruolo di Manager garantendo un ottimo servizio. E’ inoltre un buon team leader, sa guidare il team con entusiasmo verso gli obiettivi aziendali.

Augusto Orsini
Owner & Managing Director
Argentario Golf Resort & Spa
reservation e events

Eleonora rappresenta l’inizio della mia carriera nel reparto Sales & Marketing. Grazie alla sua professionalità e passione ha saputo darmi solide basi per continuare questo percorso professionale sempre in crescita. Eleonora è determinazione, massima precisione e soprattutto forte punto di riferimento per il suo team. Una grande fetta dei miei successi professionali va a lei.

Federica Venuriello
Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery
caesar augustus hotel capri

At Caesar Augustus, Stefano demonstrated excellent organizational skills, managing a demanding and complex clientele, always with a ready smile.

Francesco Signorini
Caesar Augustus Hotel, Capri

Durante la nostra collaborazione a Castiglion del Bosco, Stefano ha dimostrato un’elevata attenzione al dettaglio e spiccate doti interpersonali. Tutte caratteristiche fondamentali per l’industria dell’accoglienza.

Massimo Ferragamo
Castiglion del Bosco Rosewood Luxury Hotel & Resort